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Here at Nationwide Boiler Hire offer a wide range of products to hire and sell at competative prices. We don't hand off to any third-party companies when it comes to your any aspect of your valued custom.

Everything we do is in-house, by ourselves. Everything we offer comes without having to deal with all the hassle of multiple phone calls and a wild goose chases through other third-party companies just to get the job done. This way we can offer first-class building, installation, service, repair and decomission of all our products, hassle-free.

Nationwide Boiler Hire offers many boilers to suit your needs. Our low cost, cheap boiler hire also includes options for Biogas and Bio-Diesel, aiming to help lower your carbon footprint; trying to do our best for the environment while offering you some of the best prices around. Our products are build with high efficiency in mind, and we offer boilers such as:

  • Hot Water
  • Heating
  • Steam Boilers
  • Biogas
  • Gas
  • Oil (28 Second & 35 Second)
  • Biomass
  • 30kw, 100kw, 250kw, 300kw, 500kw, 650kw, 1000kw, 1200kw 1500kw

Full Installation Services of Gas and Oil Fired Hire Boilers


News Update!

Nationwide Boiler Hire has a new addition to its fleet designed and built by our specialist engineers our first self contained LPG fired 30kw boiler for temporary hire. Ideal for domestic Heating companies that want to provide 5 star service to clients when replacing current boilers, perfect for running under floor heating systems. Ideal for carrying out functionally tests on pipework prior to commissioning of new installations.

Nationwide Boiler Hire's team of engineers has designed and built our new range of mobile trailer boilers. These units are ideal for drainage lining companies, park up, connect your hoses, fire the unit up, set the desired temperature and start filling. These units are available for hire or purchase and are built to specification.

Nationwide Boiler Hire is forever interested in the environment and renewable energy particularly in BioMass plants and Biogas production. Thats why our newest edition to our fleet are Biogas boilers and dual fuel Biogas/Oil units all fitted complete with variable temperature control systems to allow the temperature to be set and increased/decreased as and when required.

Units are initially set up on Oil to heat the anaerobic diegestion tanks gradually. Once the plant is producing Biogas, some of this can be rerouted back to the boiler to fuel the boiler this means fewer running costs and reduced carbon footprint.

Nationwide Boiler Hire, Gas, Steam, Hot Water, Waste Oil, Kerosene, Bio-Diesel, Low Carbon Footprint, Low Cost, Cheap Hire.

Not only do Nationwide Boiler Hire offer the products alone, we also deal with:

  • Emergency hire situations, 24 Hours, 7 Days a week
  • Design and Build Facility of Bespoke Boiler Houses
  • Package Boilers
  • Boiler Houses
  • Temporary boilers - we install them when you need them, take them away when you're done
  • Boilers For Sale - Hot water, heating, steam, new and used

Unlike many other companies, when we say nationwide, we mean nationwide. All major cities and outlining areas are covered!


No job too big or too small!


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